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About Yulin

Yulin city

1. Climate

Yulin's climate is tropical and monsoonal with high temperature and lots of rain. Average temperature in May is 22-32. Please take your raincoat or umbrella.

2. Introduction
Yulin city lies in the southeast of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, spanning from 109°39′E to 110°18′E and stretching from 22°19′N to 23°01′N.

As one of the Top Tourist Cities of China, Yulin possesses over 120 natural scenic spots and sites of historical heritage, such as the Zhenwu Pavilion, which is entitled as one of the four most famous gorgeous towers of south of Yangtze River; the Devil Gate Pass, one of the four most famous passes of China; the Yuntian Folk Culture City; the Forest Park of Darong Mount; the Xielu Mountain Villa; the Duqiao Mount and the birth place of Empress Yang Guifei.

Yulin City has always been regarded as a city for business start-ups and modern logistics demonstration city, as well as the centre of Lingnan (South of the Five Ridges). YuLin City is highly cherished as an important base for production of grains, fruits, poultry, and livestock in Guangxi Province, crowned with the titles of “the land of litchis”, “the land of longan” and “the land of Sanhuang Chicken” and respected as the place of origin of Shatian Shaddock.

Yulin city in Guangxi, the third biggest market of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) in China, is reputed as “Capital of Chinese Medicine in South China”, and Yulin Yinfeng International Chinese Medicine Hub serves as the Chinese medicine trading center in the south of China. Since 2009, Guangxi has annually held International TCM Exposition (Yulin·China), which attracts enterprises and organizations of Chinese medicine at home and abroad, and gains international reputation for the service and trade center of Chinese medicine.