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 Registration Fee

Registration fee Before April 8 After April 8
Participants (Non member ISE) $350 USD $400 USD
Participants (Member of ISE) $300 USD $350 USD
Students $200 USD $230 USD
Students (Member of ISE) $150 USD $180 USD

International Bank Account Information:
    Beneficiary Name:           GUANGXI BEIBU GULF BANK   
    SWIFT BIC:                        BGBKCNBJ
    Bank Address:                 10,Qingxiu Road,Nanning,Guangxi,China
    Postcode:                          530021
Guangxi Botanical Garden of  Medicinal Plants Account Information:
    Account Number:             1401012090017093
    Name:                                Guangxi Botanical Garden of  Medicinal Plants
    Address:                            No.189,Changgang Road,Nanning,Guangxi,P.R.China
    Postcode                       530023  
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