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Local Attraction

Option A: Three Days to Guilin
D1 Yulin-Guigang-Guilin           
7:00-12£º48 Meet at the assembly location on time, set out for Guilin
13:00--15:30 Have lunch after arrival£¬a short break after lunch.
15:30-17:30 Visit Elephant Trunk Hill, enjoy the beautiful natural scenery.
17:30-19:00 Have dinner with local flavor
19:00-21:00 View the second place, Two Rivers and Four Lakes by boat
21:00-  Return to hotel
D2 Guilin—Yangshuo        
7:00-8:00   Breakfast
8:00-9£º00   Go to Zhujiang Dock by bus
9:00-13:00     View Lijiang River by boat
13:00-16:00 Arrive at Yangshuo, visit Silver Rock tourist attraction, typical Karst landscape.
16:00-18:30 Go back to Yangshuo, a short break in the hotel.
18:30-21:30  Watch The large musical comedy Impression ·Liu Sanjie 
D3 YangshuoGuilinNanning    
7:30-9:30  Breakfast,  Yangshuo  West Street £»
9£º30-12:00  Experience the rural life in the beautiful natural scenery.
12:00-13:00  Have lunch£»
13:00-17:33  Go back to Guilin by bus, and go back to Nanning by train
Price£º3980 RMB/Person

Option B: One Day in Yulin
D1 1.Taoist Zhenwu Temple£ºIt has a history of thousands of years. One of the four famous towers in the south of Yangtze River.
2.Duqiao Mountain£ºfamous for its typical Danxia landscape£¬a combination of religion, culture and natural view
Price: 499RMB/person